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Surviving Covid          Sandpaper Films    

Nominated in the Single Documentary category

Directed by Nick Holt

by  Zora Kuettner  

March 2020 - four patients lie in comas in the ICU of a south London hospital, struck down by Covid-19 in Britain's first surge. This intimate film follows their stories over six months.

A respectful, unflinching film that looks at the effects of severe Covid–19… What shines strong and clear are the great and powerful bonds of family and the extraordinary kindness of medical staff at King’s College Hospital in London. - Radio Times

The filmmakers are granted remarkable access and had considerable trust placed in them by the families of the four victims;  They approach the subject with all due seriousness and delicacy.  -  The Telegraph 

The film is incredibly heartbreaking... but throughout it all, the care shown by the doctors and nurses, and the unwavering love, support and bravery of the families of the patients, is extremely humbling.   -  The Sun

A moving documentary that cuts out the statistics and the politics and focuses instead on the patients and their families.  Their stories are sensitively, patiently told, a testament to delicate filmmaking.
  -  The Financial Times

An impactful feature-length documentary that tells the story of  four patients struck down with Covid-19 during the first wave of the pandemic... It’s a stark reminder of just how frightening and destructive this virus can be.  
  The Times

Anyone still believing that Covid-19 is ‘just the flu’ will have their illusions dispelled by this compelling film.  
-  The Mail

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